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This is it! Five Schools Conference November 2009

Radical Learning and Bridgeville Primary School hosted an outstanding conference to encourage inter-school collaboration and professional development.  The five principals dressed up as Michael Jackson and participated in a dance choreographed by the Radical Learning training manager, Randall Botha.

Five beautiful banners were designed and created to cement the relationship between the five schools and represent their interdependency.  Also, the coll@bor8 wiki was launched as a digital platform for sharing best practice.

The programme included the following team-building activities:

  • jewellery making
  • belly dancing
  • gift wrapping
  • card making
  • indoor soccer
  • music composition
  • massage ‘n manicures

Each week the five principals meet together in the Radical Learning office, sharing expertise and concerns, and collaborating on policies and documents.  It is our hope that in the coming year teachers in the five schools will begin planning together and sharing resources, with a view to eventually developing a virtual network based on inter-connected interactive whiteboards in the five schools.