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Radical Learning team dine out! January 2010

We like to choose a fabulous restaurant for our first staff meeting of the year.  This time we chose Moyo at Spier Wine Farm.  Hours of planning and training were followed by a sumptuous meal and excellent entertainment!  Our team has grown to 24 people – enough of us to make a lot of noise and have a great party!  I believe that when we start the year on a strong note like this, it inspires and motivates us to tackle the task ahead with vigour and determination and a strong team spirit. 

Our trainers meet every month – and food is always a feature!  These meetings provide support and mentoring so that we can share challenges and celebrate achievements together.  We often work in difficult circumstances in underprivileged schools.  It’s important that no trainer ever feels isolated or unsupported.  Our social gatherings help us get to know each other better.  By strengthening our team in this way, we provide a better service to schools and a higher quality of training.