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Macmillan Talking Stories

In partnership with Macmillan Publishers we have created a wide range of electronic talking stories in three South African languages: English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans. By the end of 2010 we will have completed our isiZulu version. This is all very exciting news that we are looking forward to showing you. If you are using broadband from O2 or any other fast speed internet system then you will be fully aware of the benefits of using great software. These talking stories are something you are going to love.

View an online demo of the Macmillan Talking Stories software

Read Kathy McCabe’s presentation to a large audience at the Cape Town Book Fair, Cape Town International Convention Centre, in June 2007

Isikhokelo Primary School pupils learn to use Talking Stories on Intel child-friendly laptops

Talking Stories add sparkle to Interactive Whiteboard lessons


Aimed at reading and language acquisition in the southern African context, the software is particularly helpful for children being taught in a language other than their own. Sound support models correct pronunciation and expression, allowing children to hear each story page read to them at the click of a mouse.  The software is supported by a printed reading scheme consisting of reading books for Grades 1 to 3 learners, in three languages.

Each Talking Story comes with three differentiated, interactive tasks, as well as a printable classroom worksheet. These activities aim to encourage higher levels of learner independence, whilst also enabling teachers to track progress. They are varied and interesting, addressing every learning outcome and assessment standard of the South African home language curriculum (Grades 1 to 3).

Macmillan Talking Stories can be used in the classroom (on computer or interactive whiteboard), computer lab or home environment. The software is highly innovative in its child-friendly design with easy navigation. All instructions are sound-based. This means that the entire breadth of the curriculum can be covered, even in the absence of a qualified teacher. A small child should be able to use this software independently, with ease.

Macmillan Talking Stories are fun and bright, and greatly loved by children. There is enough differentiation to give even the slowest learner a sense of completion of a task, whilst at the same time providing extension for the most able learners.