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In schools we help educators harness the power of technology to enhance teaching and learning.  Our training programmes focus strongly on the integration of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) into the curriculum.  
All modules are applied to the teaching environment.
All assignments are curriculum-based.

In universities we tailor our training package to meet the specific needs of each faculty.  We aim to thoroughly prepare students to use technology in their chosen field of study.

Our most popular training programme for schools is made up of the following modules:

  1. Basic Computer Concepts
  2. The Windows Operating System
  3. File Management and Accessories
  4. Word Processing
  5. PowerPoint Presentations
  6. The Internet
  7. Electronic Mail
  8. Excel Spreadsheets
  9. Databases

Other training programmes are available:

  • Computer Laboratory Management - download a FREE ICT policy for your school
  • Differentiation and Progression of Skills from Grade R to Grade 7
  • Drawing up a Computer Lab Programme of Learning for your school
  • Tailor-made training packages for individual schools - more...